klute comprehensive rebrand


Klute is a family owned and operated steel fabricating business located in America’s heartland. With emphasis on the electric utility industry, the team at Klute has built honest relationships with customers for over 50 years.


Seeking to position the company for steady, sustainable growth, Klute engaged David Day Associates to refresh its brand position, messaging and visual expression in a way that resonates with both customers and employees.


While leadership identified improving processes and focusing on output as necessary to the future health of the business, they agreed those are not the only considerations. They wanted to focus on the internal side of the business, as well.


brand identity

klute old logo


klute logo


We conducted strategic discovery activities to clarify internal understanding and external perceptions of Klute and any gaps existing between them, especially considering the larger competitor and market landscape.


Through this exploration, we revealed what lives at the heart of the Klute organization and the authentic brand that emerged is True as Steel. The team at Klute is dependable. They do what they say they are going to do. They care about quality, timeliness and their customers.


The brand identity we designed reflects who Klute is and what they stand for. The trademark is a triangle featuring a web of intersecting “true as steel” lines. The interwoven, overlapping pattern that the lines create speaks to their close-knit family culture and their connection with customers. The solid and dependable framework embodies their True as Steel tagline and calls to mind the substations they fabricate. The triangle shape itself is unique, representing their niche place in the market and visually positioning their brand in a way that distinguishes them from competitors.