hansen-mueller comprehensive rebrand


An innovative leader in the grain industry since 1979, Hansen-Mueller is a valued agricultural partner that provides a customized approach to commodities merchandising through price discovery, marketing, transportation and logistics. The team at Hansen-Mueller is driven to continuously improve and consistently meet the needs of its customers.


Seeking to position the company for growth and profitability, the leadership team at Hansen-Mueller made the decision to partner with David Day Associates to refresh their strategic brand position, messaging and visual expression in a way that resonates with their geographically-dispersed employees and solid customer base.


brand identity

hansen mueller logo old


hansen mueller logo new


We conducted strategic discovery activities to uncover Hansen-Mueller’s authentic nature and our research revealed that Hansen-Mueller is Ahead of the Game. They are more than simply grain traders. They are creators of opportunity. They anticipate what the market will do and position themselves and their customers offensively. The brand identity and foundational language we created clearly reflect that truth.


The trademark we designed is a geometric, letterform “HM” that uses precise lines and transparency to breathe life into Hansen-Mueller’s brand values: Wisdom, Grit, Strategy and Candor. The precision of the lines as they cut through the letters speaks to Hansen-Mueller’s wisdom and confidence while the transparent pieces represent their candor and honesty. The way in which the dark and light colors overlap creates parallel slants that move the eye toward the arrow and call to mind their strategic nature. The shapes and color blocks used to form the “HM” are distinct, just as their various locations and services are distinct, but it’s where they crossover that they are the strongest.


The arrow, as the focal point of the trademark, captures the essence of Hansen-Mueller’s external promise “Ahead of the Game.” With its upward momentum, it represents everything they are and everything they strive to be. It symbolizes their focus on continuous improvement and being smarter than yesterday.

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The Hansen-Mueller organization enjoyed sustainable growth in the first phase of the rebranding process. Their new brand identity and messaging set them up for future expansion and acquisition.