silverstone group employee benefits collateral system


SilverStone Group is a full-service resource management organization designed to meet private and corporate clients’ needs, ranging from risk management and employee benefits to financial consulting and private client services. Founded in 1945 as a two-person firm, the Omaha-based company now has more than 220 employees in four locations, and 6,000 clients in the United States and around the world.


The SilverStone Group brand possesses a solid foundation, though as time has passed and the organization and its marketplace have evolved, the Employee Benefits division identified the need to polish the divisional brand messaging and materials to better convey to clients their value proposition and competitive advantage.


In order to effectively position the SilverStone Group Employee Benefits division as the best choice in the marketplace, we needed to thoroughly understand the business model, competitor landscape and client perceptions. We conducted strategic discovery activities including a workshop, materials audit, and client and employee interviews. From these insights we distilled our findings into a comprehensive report that addressed the major themes from our research. In the creative brief we codified the value proposition, competitive advantage, visual expression, elevator speech and benefit language that clearly and effectively articulate what sets SilverStone Group Employee Benefits division apart from the competition.


This work formed the foundation upon which we created the core theme and copy for the new collateral system that we designed, which included a containment piece, brochures, pitch materials, Powerpoint presentation, and sales and proposal templates. To support SilverStone’s marketing team in their ongoing efforts to customize and build upon the creative deliverables, we provided them with a comprehensive standards guide to help them control the visual aesthetic and messaging elements of the pieces for future use.


The new collateral system has been enthusiastically embraced and deployed by the division’s sales leaders. Associates now have effective and compelling materials that are visually striking, convey their unique value proposition and articulate to clients compelling reasons why SilverStone Employee Benefits is the best choice in the marketplace.