kaschke website


Marc Kaschke is an experienced entrepreneur, passionate public servant and visionary leader focused on launching and supporting forward-thinking projects. Among other endeavors, he is currently a principal in two innovative companies and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Kaschke never stops expanding his mind, expertise and influence. Equally willing to roll up his sleeves and put his money where his mouth is, he has experience creating market-entry strategies, developing business plans and financial projections, nurturing fruitful business relationships, and investing and raising capital.


We had recently branded Kaschke’s consultancy practice and needed to design a website that illuminates his personality, while offering users a simple, straightforward experience that cuts right to the heart of how his knowledge, passion and expertise move a business idea from conception and planning to reality.


We realized the brand online in a contemporary one-page website to help Kaschke’s new business get off the ground. The brand voice is smart, relatable, energetic and sincere. The brand identity and brand promise work together to bring it to life which is both a command to budding businesses and a promise that Kaschke will help do whatever it takes to see great ideas that improve people’s lives come to fruition. In each section of the website, we featured Kaschke’s own pearls of wisdom which convey his approachable, smart and straight-to-the-point philosophy in business and in life.


Kaschke’s engaging personality shines clearly throughout the new website. Potential partners quickly understand his purpose and learn what differentiates him from most others in his space. If you’re seeking solely a financial backer or purely a consultant, Kaschke isn’t your guy. The website conveys his desire to be inspired by your innovative objectives and his need to help people make a tangible impact.


“This is about believing, buying in and getting my hands dirty. It’s more than consultancy; it’s about finding a way to build or bolster something brilliant. I believe that fresh ideas will change the world.” Marc Kaschke