kaschke brand development


Marc Kaschke is a go-getter from outstate Nebraska, known for his grassroots political influence and entrepreneurial support of startup businesses.


Marc wanted to brand himself for the latter and having worked with David Day Associates in the past, he knew there was no better ally to help him do it.


brand identity

kaschke logo

Through a series of finely-tuned discovery activities, we helped Kaschke and his strategic partners develop a brand core and voice that is smart, relatable, sincere and energetic. The brand identity and brand promise work together to bring it to life which is both a command to budding businesses and a promise that Kaschke will help do whatever it takes to see great ideas that improve people’s lives come to fruition.


We realized the brand in stationery materials and with a contemporary one-page website to help Kaschke get his new business off the ground.

kaschke business cards