douglas county historical society comprehensive rebrand


In the fall of 2013, David Day Associates launched a serious passion project by introducing our first Brandkind initiative, calling community organizations in need of a rebrand to submit applications. For one recipient, we would donate our full brand process to help their team discover, clarify and activate their brand by whatever means necessary. We were thrilled to partner with Douglas County Historical Society (“DCHS”) for Brandkind I.


brand identity

Douglas County Historical Society logo old


Douglas County Historical Society logo


In early 2014 we deployed our full brand discovery process, taking a deep dive into the background, objectives, challenges and aspirations of DCHS, collaboratively with their staff and board.


The brand identity and brandscape were tired, fragmented and doing a disservice to the dynamic energy that emanates from The Crook House Museum and every stakeholder at DCHS. On the heels of delivering a comprehensive discovery report, including recommendations for culture, operations and external brand maximization, we presented core brand values, a voice and messaging platform and fresh brand identity options.


With a compelling promise that “We live history,” the chosen brand identity gives “anyone breathing Douglas County air” the power to unlock the past and make it relevant for the future. The marigold and navy color palette is timeless and confident, and the brandscape incorporates a modern typographic pattern that engages people of all ages.


After crafting their foundational brand language and visual identity, we continued to collaborate with the DCHS team to migrate their many online exhibits onto a new, responsive WordPress website.


Through the gift of our strategic brand process, we actively engaged with the past and made it come alive in the present day.