peter kiewit foundation website


After thoughtful planning throughout his lifetime, the bulk of Peter Kiewit’s personal estate was set aside upon his death in 1979 to create a foundation to support charitable and public purpose projects in Nebraska and other limited geographic areas. Peter Kiewit Foundation pursues its mission through three impact areas, in which they invest in proven and promising programs, systemic solutions, capital projects, general operations, planning and capacity building, and policy development. To date, the foundation has honored Mr. Kiewit’s legacy by awarding nearly $670 million in grants primarily in three impact areas: Economic Growth and Opportunity, Thriving Places and Youth Pathways to Success.


Charitable foundations have a unique and problematic challenge in communicating when and why they make grants, and to what recipients. Peter Kiewit Foundation required that its website be the key, central touchpoint for constituents who wished to learn about the foundation’s areas of focus, and to articulate who they award grants to and why. This would enable grant seekers to better determine if Peter Kiewit Foundation is the right organization from which to apply for support.


We created a website that offers users a rich visual brand experience. It tells the story of Peter Kiewit’s life and accomplishments, conveys the foundation’s mission and guiding principles, articulates the three stated impact areas and shares regular communications such as a quarterly newsletter and financials. Users can learn about the application process and the foundation’s grant making approach, and use a custom-built searchable tool that allows users to search past grants by keyword, geography, grant type, impact area, dollar amount and year. The copy that we created for the website was carefully crafted for clarity in expressing the foundation’s strategic plan and goals.


The need for duplicative efforts to repeatedly spread the Peter Kiewit Foundation message across multiple communication channels has been eliminated due to the clarity and usefulness of the new website. It is the all encompassing hub of information for the foundation and its stakeholders, from staff, trustees and grant seekers, to journalists, community leaders and peer organizations. The website is a showcase of the foundation’s meaningful impact in the community, as well as a benefit to the grantees and constituents whose stories are now being shared with a wider audience. It is an invaluable resource for people who want to learn about the positive impact the foundation has in our lives and the community.