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Brandkind II: Realizing Potential

For our second brandkind project, dda gifted our full brand development process to Vodec, a local non-profit that provides life-enriching services to persons with disabilities. Whether collaborating with families, school administrators or business partners, Vodec is dedicated to helping consumers realize their potential – and the brand we collaboratively created is a powerful reflection of that.

In 2015, we began our deep-dive discovery process, analyzing the organization through different lenses, distilling themes and unearthing the heart and soul of the Vodec brand. Out of this brand core, which centers on the belief statement “We will reveal ability and open doors to whole lives,” we created a powerful voice and messaging platform and vibrant brand identity.

In the discovery phase, we learned that Vodec is defined by the quality of services it provides to persons with disabilities, allowing those persons to live, work and participate in the community, in the least restrictive environment, to achieve their full potential.

As we moved into the implementation phase, it was important to design a brand identity around realizing that potential within each consumer, as well as within the many caregivers and providers at Vodec. The brand identity we created contains two parts: the logotype and the trademark. The logotype is hand-drawn in lowercase, rounded letters, communicating Vodec’s accessibility and warmth. The trademark is a letterform “V,” fresh and free in its design quality. It juxtaposes a very fluid and organic opening at the top with solid, structured sides. The curves and undulations at the mouth of the “V” represent the human side of the organization, while the mark’s structured sides represent the supportive nature of its programs and services, the solidity of the organization and its strong foundation. The word “potential” in the slogan visually connects with the power color element in the trademark, which calls to mind a torch and symbolizes the potential under the surface.

In preparation for the brand launch in the spring of 2016, we prepared a stationery package, newsletter template and several other collateral items, before unveiling the brand to great applause at several Vodec locations.

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