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St. James United Methodist Church

Welcoming with open arms and a warm heart

dda launched an exciting rebrand process in early 2016 with St. James United Methodist Church – a church defined by its diverse congregation and multi-pronged approach to worship, ministry and mission. Wanting to establish a more distinctive, unified “face” given their dual locations, St. James enlisted the help of dda to design and develop a striking new brand identity and a clear and concise tagline.

Working together with members of the congregation at St. James, dda crafted the poignant tagline, “Open Arms, Warm Heart.” “Open Arms” embodies the church’s mission to serve others in the community, to reach out with open arms. “Warm Heart” supports the church’s website URL, warmheart.org, and also pays tribute to the past, honoring their previous tagline, “The Church with a Warm Heart.” In addition, “Warm Heart” symbolizes the warmth and friendliness of the church community and the meaningful bonds between congregants.

Moving into design, dda incorporated the newly-minted tagline into a striking new brand identity that fully embodies the beliefs and values held by those at St. James. The brand identity contains two parts: the trademark and the logotype. The trademark features a pictogram of a “blooming flame,” which represents an unfolding, ever-awakening faith, centered in Christ. It also celebrates the church’s two campuses and worship styles. The blue color represents the “Open Arms” piece of the brand promise, while the red supports “Warm Heart.” The logotype is carefully balanced, giving strong emphasis to “St. James,” resting on the “foundation” of the “United Methodist Church” typography.

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