entrust website


EnTrust is a commercial real estate transaction advisory firm. They have become one of the nation’s premier minority-owned real estate firms, completing $1.5 billion in investment and leasing transactions since their formation. Having long serviced the institutional marketplace, analyzing thousands of leases and hundreds of buildings, they have an intimate grasp of the way building owners think and the way real estate capital works.


Previously operating as two separate entities, EnTrust Reality Advisors and EnTrust Tenant Advisors made the decision to embrace a one-company strategy and offer services under the EnTrust mother brand.


David Day Associates collaborated with EnTrust to consolidate their two existing websites into one all-encompassing WordPress website. Using the existing EnTrust Tenant Advisors platform as a starting point, we expanded the website, refined the design, updated navigation headings and voiced all content for continuity. We provided strategic input, creative direction and design and development services.


The new website conveys a balance between the nimbleness and entrepreneurial aesthetic of the former EnTrust Tenant Advisors website and the more serious fiduciary look and feel of the former EnTrust Reality Advisors site.