unmc orthopedic biennial report


Every two years, David Day Associates collaborates with the UNMC Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation on a robust report that highlights faculty and resident achievements, shares patient success stories, recognizes donors, promotes scientific research and communicates the latest department news.


The 2016 report, built around the theme “Framework for Growth,” features eight in-depth patient stories and previewed the department’s new home, the Lauritzen Outpatient Center and Fritch Surgery Center.


We were fortunate to partner with two talented photographers and artists on this project, Laurie Victor Kay of Laurie and Charles Photographs and Scott Dobry of Scott Dobry Pictures. Kay was commissioned to create eight original installations for the new outpatient center and the report showcases several of these unique and visually striking pieces. Dobry’s outstanding work behind the lens authentically captured the individuals at the center of each patient story and truly brings the report to life.