alter website


Alter, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the country’s preeminent commercial real estate developers and defines itself as a modern-day firm that understands the future of work: to drive serendipity, engagement, productivity and innovation. Company stakeholders understand that office environments must be able to attract and retain future employees and innovators of the world who demand a completely different work experience. Alter is a company that has altered the nature of the real estate business by focusing on relationships, not just spaces.


Over the past few years there has been a significant, brand-driven shift in Chicago commercial and residential real estate. With so many different players in the game – brokerages, developers, architects and more – brand is now more than ever an important factor when selecting a firm with which to work. We refreshed the company’s 60-year brand and needed to channel the organization’s core principles into a website that completely stands apart from other websites in the real estate marketplace.


With Alter’s pioneering vision top of mind, we created a gorgeous new experiential website for the forward-thinking firm. We used the website as an opportunity to highlight the vision and innovation of Michael Alter, company President and second-generation steward of the brand. The stunning multi-media website uses music, animation, video and motion graphics to create a compelling narrative and immerse visitors in the Alter brand.


The Alter website articulates the organization’s unmistakable value proposition that is rooted in its relationships, treats users to a rich and exciting web experience and conveys the bold vision and unparalleled innovation Alter delivers in every undertaking.