unmc hr recruitment campaign


The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) is a public center of health sciences research, patient care, and education located in Omaha, Neb.


Achieving impressive engagement with their university-wide Vital campaign, UNMC sought David Day Associates’ services for another important culture-boosting project: recruitment.


UNMC recruits numerous people each year for medical faculty, staff and student positions – targeting those already on campus, as well as the general public. The mix of both job opportunities and employees at UNMC is surprisingly diverse. Thus, creating a campaign that was at once comprehensive, compelling and relatively enduring was a challenge.


We kept a handful of strategic challenges in mind: Open positions at any given time range from administrative to groundskeeping to medical staff, and narrow-minded “health care” imagery and messaging might unintentionally dissuade some applicants. With such a large number of people on campus, turnover and changes are inevitable. Showing too many faces might cause us to have to reproduce materials too soon. Not all prospects have to be “sold” on UNMC as a workplace. Many applicants are already employed and simply seeking a new opportunity for professional growth.


Using these insights, as well as a solid understanding of why UNMC internal stakeholders appreciate feeling “vital,” we developed a creative campaign that encourages applicants to “take a step in the right direction.” A series of “step” messages call prospects at every level to action, and visually and verbally communicate the reward of doing so. Because we focused on employees’ footwear, we were able to depict a variety of environments and job types, and empower candidates to “see themselves in someone else’s shoes.”

unmc print design


The campaign was successfully realized online, in on-campus environmental graphics, with posters and through brochures.