silverstone group rebrand


SilverStone Group is a full-service, resource management organization designed to meet private and corporate clients’ needs, ranging from risk management and employee benefits, to financial consulting and private client services. Founded in 1945 as a two-person firm, the Omaha-based company now has more than 200 employees and 6,000 clients in the United States and around the world.


Company leaders had done a remarkable job of honoring the integrity inherent in its brand by treating its look to periodic, organic and well-managed updates. Eventually, they sought David Day Associate’s help to gently elevate it yet again to look to the future of the business while honoring its existing pedigree.


The traditional blue and silver color palette, serif font and in-line “SS” letterform needed to remain in the design and because client successes are ever-propelled by the SilverStone team’s knowledge, ingenuity and synergy, the logo would also need to leverage the meaning behind its “Wisdom at Work” brand promise.


brand identity

silverstone group


silverstone old logo


We developed a trademark that carefully activates the “SS” letterform by setting it in motion and placing it in a circular border that is symbolic of the company’s full-service offerings. The logo conveys the elegance and authority of an upscale, classical seal. The typography has a contemporary feel that maximizes legibility at any scale.


The new brand identity came to life in context. SilverStone was eager to enhance its website which became the focal point of the brandscape’s renovation. We put WordPress to work for them by maximizing the platform’s tools and capabilities.


The website required simple, straightforward information architecture to help users navigate deeply comprehensive content, and it also demanded an efficient behind-the-scenes tool to help with the marketing team’s workflow. Developing a user-friendly application for a website that has more than 700 pages was no small feat but we were able to push the envelope with a smart, dynamic, safe and highly-customized WordPress solution.


The distinctive design and well-configured cross-tabulation of information makes the website a pleasant breeze for visitors, and the back-end is just as organized and intuitive. When it launched in 2011, the sleek website received measurable praise from company leaders and clientele within a month of launch, and drew increased traffic (and longer visits) over time. The marked reduction in time costs associated with inefficient website maintenance and IT support was immediate.


In 2014, we began updates to make the website responsive for the many SilverStone clients and prospects who are on-the-go.


To follow suit with the engaging new online presence, we redesigned their communication package, including stationery and business cards, trifold brochures and SilverLink magazine to leverage smart geometric structure, add typographic interest and amplify overall visual appeal. Inventive drawings had become a staple of brand expression in the past and we worked to honor those elements in fresh ways across print and online channels.


SilverStone Group’s brand refresh reflects its legacy and takes a rightful, forward-thinking place in the contemporary competitive landscape. Company leadership was thrilled with the upgrade and received measurable praise from clientele.