monotreme hotel brand development

background & challenge

A veteran of the hospitality industry reached out to David Day Associates with a unique concept for a boutique hotel. Our creative collaboration was welcomed as he endeavored to bring his vision to life.


The hotel concept name “Monotreme” derives from the scientific monotremata order which was first created for the platypus, discovered in Australia in 1778 and brought to England for classification. A mammal with both birdlike and reptilian features, it baffled English plant and animal classification theorists to the point that they doubted its authenticity. Once proven real, the platypus required a new category altogether. Like this new scientific category in the animal kingdom, the Monotreme hotel, truly one-of-a-kind, called for a highly-unique brand identity that expresses the originality and singularity of this groundbreaking hospitality concept.


brand identity

Monotreme Logo

We conducted a scaled discovery process to gather an understanding of this innovative model and how it departs from the norms of the marketplace. Juxtaposed against the competitive environment, we associated values and vocabulary to this reimagined hotel experience and solidified this language in a brand core and voice guide.

Monotreme Logo


Like the platypus, we envision The Monotreme Hotel as an utterly original boutique experience. With this beautifully reimagined concept in hand, The Monotreme Hotel is ready to transition to the bricks and mortar stage.