Inputs for Success

Often clients ask us questions like, “What can we expect when we work with you?” and “What does it take to achieve our project goals?”

Each client is unique and every project we undertake has a particular set of challenges specific to that partnership. With that in mind, there are several characteristics that are crucial to a successful working relationship and meaningful outcomes.


The Fundamentals:


We need regular access to you and your people to create the right momentum for your project. The degree to which we need your involvement and input will fluctuate but radio silence will result in the breakdown of the timeline. Stops and starts are a productivity killer that result in more time spent on our end and more money spent on yours.


We have two saying about budget: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try working with an amateur.” and “The most expensive rebrand is the one you have to do twice.” It’s best to raise the money first and hire a professional, experienced agency that specializes in rebranding and will get it right the first time. That’s us!


Simply put, we need you to participate and we love it when you do! We are a creative team always collaborating with one another. We thrive on it. We push each other and we know from experience that good ideas are often made great by way of honest feedback, building on one another’s strengths and the sharing of ideas.


We are a committed, passionate bunch and we need full buy-in from the very top of an enterprise if we’re going to work together. Our time is better spent helping you realize positive impact from the project rather than trying to convince the C-suite and other decision makers that this is a worthy endeavor.


We listen to you to gain a deep mutual understanding of your needs, aspirations and even your closely-held dreams. We don’t shy away from communicating information that might not be easy for us to deliver or for you to hear. If the conversation is necessary, we’ll have it regardless how difficult it might be.


Chemistry is one of our core values at dda. A rebrand is a serious, lengthy undertaking with far-reaching and enduring impact. We believe the process and the results are better when our respective teams can get to know one another, forge a real connection and ultimately come together as one passionate team.


The rebranding process, when done right, takes time. It’s also expensive. The most successful projects are championed by people who understand that the work doesn’t end with the adoption of a new logo. Implementation of your new messaging and brand identity is just as important as the process to get there. We want to create the best solutions and effectively deploy them in the real world to help you realize your stakeholder and business goals.


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This is one of our core values. We’re invested in your success. We drink your Kool-Aid. It doesn’t matter if you’re an arts organization, a steel manufacturer or a technology start-up. We are passionate about your business and your objectives


We are professionals lucky enough to be doing what we love to do and we never pass up the chance to lighten the mood with a joke or icebreaker. The rebranding process can be challenging at times. We’ll have some fun and make you laugh, too.


We’re authentic communicators and you have our word that we’ll always tell it to you straight. You may not always agree with what we have to say but we have an ethical responsibility to our clients to provide our consultation with kindness and candor.


We don’t want you to just live with your new brand. We want you to embrace it fully and honor its authentic meaning, which we will discover on this journey together.


We might show you something that at first seems a little “out of the box.” We’d love it if you could consider our creative solutions over the course of a few days, not a few minutes. Sometimes our clients say that the logo they ended up choosing was the one they were least in favor of at first glance. Initial reactions are often colored by whatever else is happening right in that moment or by the moods of the various people in the room. It’s best to give the big things like a new brand identity time to sink in before deciding its value or appeal.


We are professionals who will respect your people, your requirements and your business goals, and we will do so in the strictest confidence.

Right Roles

It makes a huge positive difference to your project to have the right people involved at the right times and to have one single point of contact responsible for the facilitation of all communication and feedback for the duration of the project. At dda we’re each in our respective sweet spots, which makes for an efficient, results-driven team. This allows us to deliver value to you at all phases of your project.


We are subject matter experts in our area. We know you’re subject matter experts in yours. Trust in our proven process is 100% necessary in order to realize success. If we are asked to dismantle our method or take short cuts, the work suffers. We used to give in on this. We don’t anymore because we’ve had some unsatisfactory outcomes as a result of making concessions when it comes to our approach. Nobody wins when we abandon our process, one that has been tested and refined over the course of decades. We need your trust in order to deliver the results you deserve.

Work Ethic

We hit deadlines and we go above and beyond to deliver what we say we are going to deliver.