opensky policy institute brand development


Nebraskans spoke up in need of a non-partisan organization dedicated to fiscal research, analysis and education. A feasibility study revealed broad support from policy-makers, educators and advocacy groups, and it inspired generous community donors to make it a reality.


Executive Director Renee Fry came to David Day Associates with the concept and vision for the newly incorporated organization.


brand identity

open sky logo

After strategic discovery activities we crafted the brand platform and began an in-depth process to name the organization. Inspired by the wide-open landscapes of Nebraska and the demand for refreshingly transparent, digestible communication about statewide (and nationwide) fiscal policy, we collaboratively chose on “OpenSky Policy Institute,” supported by a strong brand promise: “Clear thinking for a stronger Nebraska.”


Building on the tenets of the brand core, we set out to design a fitting brand identity that is inspirational while also professional, straightforward and accessible. The typeface is contemporary and confident without being obtrusive and alludes to the data-driven nature of OpenSky’s communication. The two blues are clean, luminous and approachable. The weight of “sky” lives not in the letters itself but in what they represent, illustrated by the doors above which are opening to clear white space. Theoretical clouds of information are parting to reveal fiscal clarity and the tail of the “k” leads the eye toward that place of truth and understanding.

open sky institute


Armed with the powerful name, voice and brand identity, OpenSky Policy Institute has successfully developed a healthy, distinctive presence providing impartial research and leadership to people across Nebraska.