bank of bennington environmental design


Bank of Bennington, founded in 1928, is a fourth-generation family owned and managed bank in Bennington, Nebraska, with additional locations in Omaha and Ashland, Nebraska. The bank prides itself on its lifelong customer relationships, providing personal service and courtesy, and is a reliable part of the Bennington community.


The interior of the main branch had not been remodeled for many years and needed general updating to reflect the recent rebrand. In particular, the lobby needed a renovation to suit Bank of Bennington’s warm, personal approach to customer service.


More and more, banks are moving away from the traditional stand-up teller line model of interaction and are now offering customers an experience similar to that of concierge service in hotels. Bank of Bennington is embracing this new model, and we reimagined the lobby to reflect this. We eliminated the stand-up teller lines and monolithic counter, and replaced them with a welcome area and desks. We brought the new brandscape to life in various touchpoints throughout the lobby area, displayed most prominently on a feature wall that serves as a visual focal point for all visitors to the space.


Customers have reacted positively to the new brand and now enjoy an even greater degree of connection and rapport with bank associates, which has always been at the heart of Bank of Bennington’s brand.