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Silva Brand

Meta Branding Project Proves Mutually Beneficial

Silva Brand is a collective of management consultants and artists led by expert brand strategist Tom Silva. As our very own David Day is occasionally on loan to the Chicago-based firm as a design consultant, dda frequently collaborates with this likeminded partner. In 2014, we came together to develop a striking brand identity for this creative contemporary.

As Tom Silva is a peer, partner and a client, our discovery work with him was genuinely collaborative and mutually generative. We learned from each other throughout the brand process, as we were both teacher and apprentice simultaneously.

The fascinating discovery process yielded an array of branded deliverables, including a logo and primary brandscape, a communication package and the user interface design for the Silva Brand website. Together, we discerned that Silva Brand is uniquely interested in revealing the deepest human core; hence “Silva Brand is Your Brand Alive.”

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