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PowerTools Platform Brochure

Conveying Benefits, Combatting Complexity

Tenaska Power Services Co. (TPS) approached dda in early 2016 seeking to market its proprietary software application, PowerTools Platform, to energy cooperatives and municipals dependent on real-time analysis of Big Data. One of the overarching challenges of marketing PowerTools is the ability to succinctly, consistently and effectively communicate its features and benefits to target customers, while combating its perceived complexity.

With that challenge in mind, TPS engaged dda to provide voice and messaging elements that would control the product language in various sales environments and marketing channels. Based on strategic discovery conversations, we identified a number of values and benefits associated with PowerTools, as well as several competitive advantages that set it apart from similar services on the market. We proposed marketing phrases and headlines to be used in written and verbal dialogue with the target audience, and ultimately, we carefully crafted a brochure for use as a visual aid when pitching the product to potential customers.

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