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Opera Omaha

Strike the Right Note

Our engagement with Opera Omaha began in early 2016 when we were invited to attend the spring performance of Semele, where we conducted audience surveys before, during and after the show. This kick started a multi-phase audience and brand research project, with the ultimate goals of better understanding current patrons’ entertainment preferences and behaviors, defining untapped audiences and learning how patrons and non-patrons alike view the Opera Omaha brand. Following our research, we fully audited Opera Omaha’s brand in comparison with other Omaha arts brands, other Omaha “O” brands and national peer opera company brands.

With an eye to the future, we collaborated with the Opera Omaha team to design a striking new brand identity, which features two interlocking Os. The two Os echo one another and represent the unification of the opera community and the Omaha arts community. The Os are distinct, yet united; one cannot exist without the other. The blue color was selected to pay homage to the legacy logo. It is a timeless shade that looks back to the past and forward to the future simultaneously, just as Opera Omaha does when it elevates classic operas for modern audiences. The font we selected is sleek, modern and precise; it stands out in a crowd, just as Opera Omaha aims to do.

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