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Nebraska Spine + Pain Center


Nebraska Spine Center (NSC) in Omaha and Spine & Pain Centers of Nebraska (SPC) in Lincoln joined forces in 2014 to set the standard for life-changing spine care and pain relief under the new moniker Nebraska Spine + Pain Center (NSPC). Shortly following the official merger, NSC and SPC engaged dda to help focus and inform the unification process. By identifying and clarifying their “Why?,” refining their brand identity and crafting a shared name, we transitioned two practices with a common goal into one.

To breathe life into NSPC’s emerging brand, dda set out to explore “what” the two pre-existing groups did, “how” they did it, and most importantly, “why” their work was significant. Through our proprietary Discovery process, which includes a brand workshop, a series of roundtable discussions, surveys and interviews, we examined each entity from internal, patient, and market points of view to construct a crisp identity. Informed by our research, NSPC was able to increase collaboration, while maintaining balance between the two merging units.

Despite the natural fragmentation that comes from starting with two completely distinct brands, dda worked to distill NSPC’s core mission and create a visual expression of the brand. The logo and associated design elements represent Nebraska Spine + Pain Center’s emphasis on partnership and the energy they put into transforming patients’ quality of life. Two elements come together to form a dynamic letterform “N,” while also creating a subtle S-shaped “spine” in the negative space. The image is uplifting and fosters an immediate association with NSPC’s geographic roots.

Under dda’s magnifying glass, the expertise of orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain management physicians were combined to form a new, patient-driven practice. Sharing knowledge and maximizing each other’s strengths, NSC and SPC continue to set new standards as NSPC.

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