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Minerva Project


The Minerva Project was just getting started. The team had a powerful vision of information gathering, data-sharing and outcomes-generating work to narrow the student achievement gap in the greater Omaha area.

They also had an idea for the name of the organization and hardworking plans to get it off the ground, but they were seeking validation of that name, clarification of their brand and vision, visual identity and ways to bring the brand to life for donors and the community at large.

dda partnered with The Minerva Project at a critical and exhilarating time. We conducted an abbreviated version of our Discovery process to get to the heart of the brand through a workshop, and surveyed public perceptions of the pending name, “The Minerva Project.” With this input, we crafted aesthetic elements as well as a brand core, mission, vision and voice guide. The contemporary and relatable brand identity is rooted in Goddess of Wisdom Minerva’s symbolic owl, which jives beautifully with the “Wiser Through Research” tagline.

The brandscape naturally unfolded to visually and verbally speak to aspirational, student-focused, data-driven work with the cool color palette, black and white photography, and grid-like patterning. We carried it into a stunning communication package, powerful fundraising brochure and modern, responsive website design.

The Minerva Project encountered a few speedbumps in the launch process, and hasn’t been able to fulfill its mission just yet. When the organization gets running on all cylinders as envisioned, we have no doubt that the brand and communication touch-points will help boost recognition, memorability and utility for its target audience. We hope to help their team establish benchmarks and strategically measure progress on an ongoing basis.

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