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Lutz Financial & Talent Environmental Branding

Branding the Boardroom: Part I

Having taken Lutz through our full brand process in 2013, creating their brand core, voice and striking brand identity, we further implemented that brand internally in early 2015 when we micro-branded a few of their distinct business units.

dda helped Lutz Financial and Talent razor sharpen the mother brand to work better with their customers in their way. We discerned the financial group’s specific expression of the Lutz brand promise, Mind What Matters, and designed signage around their take on that promise, “Likeminded,” to live in conference rooms and throughout their environment. Additional interactive elements throughout the Financial space serve as visual, potent reminders of the brand core.

We feel this new branded environment allows the Lutz brand to truly become a living, breathing part of the company’s culture.

We felt a connection with dda. … We loved the energy that was brought forward in the interview process and how everything was tailored specifically to us.

dda helped brighten our brand and also improved employee morale by creating excitement around the new Lutz brand. … It was a great experience.

They understood that this project was a huge feat for us and made us comfortable. … dda was able to meet all deadlines while not compromising any of the work. … We felt as though we were on the same page and were dda’s main priority. … They really listened to our needs and made sure we were 100% on board.

The stats derived from the discovery phase really ‘wowed’ us. We had no idea that much research would be done before making it into the brand expression phase. We absolutely loved the brand core. We reference it frequently and I even have a large poster of it hanging in my office to remind me. … It’s an amazing visual that we didn’t expect to come out of the process.

The immediate internal ROI we have seen is brand awareness and employee morale.

- Scott Carrico, CPA, Lutz

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