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Cawley Chicago

On its 18th anniversary, Cawley Chicago, one of the region’s leading boutique brokerages, engaged dda, via our Chicago partner Silva Brand, to overhaul its brand identity. After Silva Brand worked to define and articulate Cawley’s brand voice, dda created its face.

Approachable and honest submarket specialists, the professionals at Cawley Chicago value each of their clients. They do not disappear after a deal is made, but instead remain accessible to clients throughout the negotiation and legal process. Our task at dda was to infuse this individualizing energy into Cawley’s brand. Considering their niche market position, we created a trademark that is both reflective and transparent, a multi-dimensional visual reference. While it is literally two Cs facing one another, it also depicts the segment of the market Cawley very carefully stays within. The collateral system further carries forth the geometric design of the trademark and leverages the powerful new color scheme that shifts boldly away from Cawley’s previous visual identity.

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