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2015 Valmont Annual Report


Valmont Industries, Inc., is a global leader in engineered products and services for infrastructure and water-conserving irrigation equipment for agriculture. The Fortune 1000 company’s annual report informs shareholders, analysts, media, peers and other key stakeholders of the company’s activities, financial performance and market position. It also serves as a capabilities brochure to cross-market each of the five primary business segments throughout the year and communicate the meaning of the company’s “Conserving Resources. Improving Life.” tagline.

We have been working closely with Valmont since 1998, to produce each annual report with the same end-goal: to meet the above objectives in a cost efficient and memorable manner. 2015 was no exception.

I wanted to tell you, that I think you and your people did a very good job on the Annual Report. I like the consistency of message and look. Thank you.

- Mogens Bay, Valmont Industries

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