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Ali Anderson

Designer & Creative Coder

I speak two languages: <html> and #color
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Able to transition seamlessly from designer to developer, Ali quickly lays to rest any feeling that the right brain and left brain cannot work together in perfect harmony. Her diverse skill set, ranging from social media marketing to alcohol distribution (give her a call next time you’re looking for the perfect wine and cheese pairing!), truly rounds out our creative team.    

Working across a variety of platforms, Ali ensures that every element of our clients’ visual brands – from logos to websites and beyond – weaves together effortlessly. In addition, she always lends color to brand brainstorming sessions – literally – she sees the world through kaleidoscope eyes.

Rapid-Fire Intro

  • If I could have any skill or superhuman power, it would be: Time manipulation – the ability to freeze, rewind or fast‑forward the minutes in day
  • On Saturday morning, you’d probably find me: Contemplating moving, yet permanently comatose playing Xbox with my cats
  • Hidden Talents: I’m a skilled “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” player. Look it up. I can also squeak like a dolphin.
  • Personal Mantra: Take time to create, then celebrate.
  • Favorite Smell: Blueberry pancakes at 3 am. The time is an important factor.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising & Public Relations
Minors in Graphic Design, English & Sociology

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