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Every brand owner faces challenges. We specialize in awakening the value of brand in business to deliver the best possible solutions.

Our strategic, three-phase, 360° brand development process overlays everything we do to ensure that your creative work with us is as smart and savvy as it is drop-dead gorgeous. How will it work for you? You just have to ask.


You have brand challenges? We have solutions.

Your Challenges…
  • Business Growth
    • You need to grow. You can feel it. Quick-fix tactics just aren’t working; you need long-term results. You need someone to ask the hard questions and strategically create the foundation upon which your team can build brand awareness, revenue, market share and loyalty. You need Positioning.

      Our Solution…

      We dig in. We discover you, your market space, your competition and your customers. We clarify what you mean to all of those people and why. We light the fire under your brand, and share the spark with everyone who matters.

  • Creative Transformation
    • Like anybody, you’re only as chipper as you feel, and your brand is feeling, well, blah. It’s looking and sounding stale, and not getting the traction you know it can. You need a boost – a shot of adrenaline. You need someone to read your mind, realize your vision, hit the perfect notes and then some. You need Creation.

      Our Solution…

      We listen in and actually hear you. We find and clarify your essence, and help communicate your brand effectively across any media you need. We craft brand expression to excite your team and make your constituents swoon.

  • Culture & Engagement
    • A brand starts inside. You know that your team is critical to the life and expression of your brand, but there seems to be a lack of energy within your organization's walls. You need someone to help things “click.” You need to get everyone on the same page and singing the same song. You need to engage your team to help your brand speak for itself. You need Injection.

      Our Solution…

      It’s easy to get caught up in what’s happening outside of your brand, but we turn that excitement inward. We give your team a voice, provide tools and training to make it second-nature, and get everyone pumped up about it.

  • Brand Management
    • You want structure. You need to simplify. ROI is critical to you and your leadership, and you aren’t sure your operations and conversations are as efficient as they could be. You need someone to help you streamline your brand communication, evaluate results and integrate departments to keep costs low and morale high. You need Management.

      Our Solution…

      It’s essential to keep your brand expression consistent, efficient and productive. We take care of that by giving you the tools to integrate your messages, streamline your “look,” keep costs reasonable and measure impact on your bottom line. We maximize the value of your brand.

Curious to Learn How We Do It?
Our Process

Our strategic, three-phase, 360° brand process overlays everything we do to ensure that your creative work with us is as smart and savvy as it is drop-dead gorgeous.

How will it work for you?

Well, you just have to ask us.

Exploring your brand (or specific touch-point) inside-out and outside-in, through your team, customers, competition and overall market space.

Internal Lens

We conduct candid one-on-one interviews; interactive team discovery workshops, including several in-depth, proprietary exercises; stakeholder surveys; and a thorough audit of existing design, messaging and communication channels.

External Lens

We conduct interviews, focus groups and surveys with existing, lapsed and/or potential customers to assess their attitudes toward and awareness of your brand and others in the same space.

Competitor Lens

We audit the design, messaging, communication channels and customer base of peer brands to identify what’s working, what isn’t and how we can help you “zag” away to stand out.

Market Lens

Taking the other lenses into account, we research and explore the political, economic, social and technological factors impacting your business.


We create a robust brand report based upon our Discover activities. By overlaying these lenses – looking at your brand from the inside-out and the outside-in – we distill findings, reveal themes and develop corresponding recommendations that guide your team and ours in bringing your aspirational brand to life.
Helping your brand stand tall and stand out aesthetically, verbally and experientially; and shouting it from the rooftops.

Brand Core

Based on our research and distillation report, we identify the true foundation of your brand, including target audience, value-add to that audience, position relative to others in the market, shared values, shared personality traits, shared behaviors, belief statement, tagline and internal rallying cry. Our brand core frames your brand in a way that feels just right, but you may never have been able to put into words.

Brand Voice & Messaging

Building upon the tenets of the brand core (once we get them just right), we develop a succinct tone of voice, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Elevator Speech, DNA Statement, boilerplate and other key messaging elements.

Brand Identity

Anchored in your brand core, we will develop a brand identity (logo is just the half of it) that exudes your brand’s essence and helps it connect perfectly.


Print: From stationery items, to collateral materials and containment pieces, advertising, annual reports and publications, we can help design, write, produce and disseminate flawless printed touch-points.

Digital: Getting your brand out there online requires innovative aesthetics, content and functionality. We excel at designing user-interfaces and developing websites that are easy to navigate, update and manage.

Environmental: If it makes sense for your brand, we help conceive and design signage, architectural experiences and other interior elements that give your brand legs in the 3-D world.

Internal Implementation

We bring your brand to life through its greatest ambassadors: your team. We empower them and get them excited.


Brand Strategy: We work with you to develop a feasible plan and milestones for getting everyone on your team in his/her “sweet spot” and in the habit of living your brand.

Workshops and Training: We lead workshops, training sessions or even just celebrations – whatever makes sense for you – to reveal the brand and what it means for all internal stakeholders.

Internal Brand Communication: We craft touch-points to help all of your stakeholders understand and feel comfortable with the brand – from “What is a brand, anyway?” to specific messaging and design – through printed playbooks, online guides and even office ambience.

Setting the bar and then raising it; never letting the dust settle on your brand.

Brand Bible

We craft a comprehensive brand standards and voice and messaging “owner’s manual” for your organization’s continued use. Your brand identity is supported by clear guidelines for usage, color palette, typography and design conventions, and your brand voice is enhanced by a language library and full set of messaging recommendations.

Brand Equity and Loyalty Measurement

We benchmark awareness and attitudes toward your brand in our Discover phase, then set reasonable goals for measuring brand equity, loyalty and financial ROI on an ongoing basis. We use those measurements to continually refine your strategy and make the most of your brand.

Brand Evolution

We work with clients, ideally around three years following a rebrand, to ensure prior brand work is still relevant and fully encompasses their current position in the market. We collaborate with the client to bring the brand up to date.

  • So, what’s the price tag on something like this?
    • We work with a range of clients – from small, not-for-profit start-ups to international, Fortune 500 companies. If you think you can’t afford to work with us, you’re just not giving us enough credit. We will carefully scope projects to address your particular goals and challenges, within your means.

      Because the best brands are born through thorough, thoughtful research, our full brand development process yields optimal results. We will make our best recommendation and find a way to work within your budget, timeframe and objectives to hit it over the fence. Our only immovable standard is to make sure we put the right elements in place to get perfect results because there’s no rebrand more expensive than the one you have to do twice.

      If you’re willing to make an investment in your brand, we’ll make big things happen. Our collaborative process – to scale the solution you need without breaking the bank – starts the second you reach out for a conversation. Fill out the form below or give Jill Henry a call at 402.398.1108, ext. 1011.

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